New Menu for Cafe

We’re busy adding a digital menu coming into 2017, hopefully this will allow us to update any menus/pricing. We’ll be adding Calorie counts too inspired by the Nutritionist that CTC has teamed up with during 2016. Updates on Facebook if you’re more interested.

New Equipment April 2014

There are times when i dream of all the wonderful kitchen toys we could get and build new cafe food out from it, but unfortunately due to costs and space we just can’t do. This time round we managed to buy an additional Turbofan Oven which brings our ovens numbers to 3 (2 turbofans and 1 static). This will help ease the load of our poor 4 tray turbo oven that has served us so well over the last several years without much of a glitch. These ovens were built like machines! Anyway the team is excited about this little addition to our equipment to speed up processes and make life more efficient. Perhaps one day ! can spoil the team with the array of gadgets but a larger Coldroom would have to come first:) what I dream about: Food dehydrator, Vitamix, Pacojet, Sous vide machine, Thermomix, Jasper oven.

Introducing more options for Cafe! July 2013

Recently at the Cafe, with the assistance of CTC precint, have have introduced some new food options.

You will soon notice us attempting to move more Sourdough sandwiches, salad and sushi. while we do have a large enough food menu for a small cafe, we try our best to add options that we believe most clients would like to have for lunch.

Salads will rotate on a weekly basis and will generally be a gluten free option for most clients. Sourdoughs we’re playing with a few ideas and maybe have 2-3 options available, ours will be pretty large and great value some ideas we’re tossing around are Pork Belly sourdoughs, Chicken feta and beetroot relish and lamb shoulder with pesto.
On the Sushi side of business, we’ll never be able to offer all the amazing varieties that a pure japanese food place can offer. However we promise that our sushi will be handmade and never with a machine. I believe that this small difference results in a much better end porduct.

So please pop in to our Cafe and ask us about our new food options we the friendly staff would be more than happy to help!!