The cafe now serves a small range of breakfast options for any walk-in and takeaway clients!

There’s also the option for breakfast catering so if you’re interesting give us a call or email us.

Single Origin Coffees and Weekly lunch Specials

We’ve been really working on the cafe alot recently. We Now have 1 Coffee Blend and 1 Single/other blend on offer every week. Also Lunch specials running weekly are part of the great food we’re adding to the menu.

For the Coffee we have always partnered with Supreme Roasters for the past 3 years with great success, Roger and the team have amazing and consistent blends and singles that deliver specialty coffee that’s just so tasty.


Most updates to the Cafe and Catering will mainly be on Facebook, so please goto:

Alternatively drop us a call on (07) 3274-6242 & Email:

Coffee and the art of roasting and making it – March 2014

My wonderful friend works quit his Pharmacy work about 1 year ago and decided to move into the coffee industry primarily as a roaster and barista and recently competing in some barista competitions. Coffee in Australia is just amazing at how high the standard is now and all these unique boutique place open up serving pretty impressive stuff. I’ve curious and watching roasters roast on a dierich to just before 2nd crack. I think this year will be a new journey into how coffee is washed or fermented, roasted 1st crack, 2nd crack.

Some new names i’ve come across is long machh and shlong. While i now changed to drink espressos, macchiatos are very nice to drink too. Although i never thought of having a long machh, trying was pretty nice, with a bit more diluted and milder flavours to the bean that i drank. Shlong is something i read in another blog recently so i will have to give it a go, with the blogger suggesting that the beans flavour shines through much better in a shlong that a regular long black. Give them a go if you see them! Cold press and cold drip coffee is awesome too and something i have been wanting to play with although the old school milk coffee drinkers may not enjoy it if they don’t like new adventures so will see what this year brings maybe a Yama cold drip for summer who knows!